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Boarders’ Team Building Day


From cake baking last weekend to getting truly and utterly CAKED in mud the next. The Sunday after Foundation Day at Mill Hill School proved perfect conditions for the Boarders to take on an Army Assault Course. 

Wet wipes and bin bags at the ready, over 130 willing students took a bus to Dorking to undertake a 3km course consisting of river runs, rope climbs and plenty of muddy trenches. After a detailed briefing (including instructions about how not to lose your shoes in the mud!), the groups, along with Batman and Robin (Mr Turner and Mr Mathers), took it in turns to navigate around each obstacle, giving the necessary ‘leg-ups’ and cheers of support to help their team mates along. It is true to say, there was not a single person that avoided finishing the course without being completely covered head to toe in mud.

Ready to capture the thrills and spills of the day were a film crew who worked from a ‘safe’ distance and we look forward to seeing what they produce as a lasting memory of the event. A massive well done must go to all the boarders who took part in the day- there were some true challenges faced up to with a ‘give it a go’ attitude and you represented Mill Hill School in a manner as bright and sunshiny as the day itself!