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Taste of Kyrgyzstan

Boarding does not only bring pupils of different nationalities together, but it also celebrates them through a pupil run presentation and food night. This time, Amir and I showcased our nation in front of the boarding community. Making the presentation was the easy part, as finding things to talk about Kyrgyzstan is second nature to us. We created a purely image based slideshow, but spoke about each slide through a script that I wrote. It was the food that took time to find and order; Kyrgyz food is not an abundant cuisine in London and some places were fully booked so we had to dig deeper. Finally, it all came together on the night, as the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, particularly the videos. The food got an even better response, as many asked for seconds and eventually it was all gone!

Our mission was complete, as we can safely say that the boarders have learnt a great deal about a country many have never heard of.

Djantai Otorbaev, Year 13