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Anti-Bullying Week 2017

This week has been ANTI-BULLYING WEEK and the children, through Buddy Meetings, PSHE lessons and tutor time, have been discussing the positive effects on everyone when they ‘Choose Kindness’ .

Every year, there is a different theme, this year’s being ‘All Different, All Equal’. The idea is to help children and young people celebrate what makes them, and others, unique and help them understand why it’s important that every child feels included in school and able to be themselves without fear of bullying.

As part of this week’s Buddy Meeting, the children were asked to write kindness pledges on their House-coloured bricks such as ‘to hold the door open for teachers and ‘make someone smile’. These will be displayed in the Jubilee Hall to remind the children to be kind and look out for each other, and to be accepting of all others, no matter how different.

With “Be Kind” being one of our three whole school values the messages from Anti Bullying Week has simply reinforced our Belmont value.