The sky’s no limit to Year 5’s enthusiastic response to Observatory visit

Belmontians are well-practised in reaching for the stars so what could be better than a year 5 trip to the Mill Hill Observatory? Intended as an engaging introduction to the Year 5’s latest Creative Learning Project – Stargazers, the visit included a presentation and tour of the observatory, including a demonstration of its legendary telescopes.

“It was great fun”, said Charlie Anselm, 5TB. “We saw this massive telescope which was over 100 years old. There was also a really modern one which took pictures of a Supernova! I learnt lots of facts about the stars and the planets in our solar system”.

The Observatory (a member of UCL) has for many years excited young minds about the world of astrophysics and space sciences. It certainly inspired our Year 5 pupils to embark on a range of activities from collating and presenting their own research to writing imaginative poems to building some fantastic models of the solar system! There appears to be no end to their endeavours!

In gratitude, Belmont has donated £100 to the UCLO to assist with its research.