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The Annual School Staff Supper

The Monitors and Prefects together with members of the Senior Management Team and senior pastoral staff came together on Thursday, January 11th for its annual dinner. It was an evening in which the opportunity arose for Mrs King to give their thanks to the “School Staff” body for all their hard work for the previous term, the first weeks of the current Spring term and to the Senior Monitors from last term, Reuben Brown, Sophie Fresco and Alina Merkel for the immense effort they put in organising the rotas and acting as perfect ambassadors for the school. Mrs King also welcomed the new Senior Monitors, Luca Cicale, Isabella Ward and Djantai Otorbaev who are already making their mark, having assumed their new roles in January.

The evening was furnished with elegance and class as everybody looked immaculate to dine in the grandeur of the dining room alongside the Housemasters/mistresses/House Parent and members of the Senior Management Team. It was also a chance for the School Staff group to become closer as a team and to welcome new members to the group, having been elected prior to the winter break.

All in all it was a memorable evening, made even more enjoyable by the excellent quality of the food and the wine. It was food that wouldn’t be out of place at a Gordon Ramsey restaurant and everybody who attended would like to extend their deepest thanks to the catering staff for a fantastic feast fit for such an occasion.

The supper brought the entire team closer together and was a very worthwhile and thoroughly enjoyable event.

Joshua Koffman (Atkinson Upper Sixth)