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Cricket ‘Down Under’

Our Head of Cricket, Mr Patel (Head Coach of Middlesex Ladies team) has had a busy Christmas. Whilst visiting family down under, Mr Patel has been asked to led some coaching sessions with the New Zealand Ladies’ Cricket Team. These were links that were first created at Mill Hill as Mr Patel worked one on one with some New Zealand Cricketers in our indoor nets as they prepared for a tour of the Middle East. In addition to working with New Zealand Ladies,  he has also been working with the West Indies men’s team who are also in New Zealand touring. Working with these two international squads has been a fantastic opportunity for Mr Patel to further develop his skills and pass them on to our students (not to mention confirm some high profile appearances and auctions prizes for the future!)

On a separate note, whilst in Australia Mr Patel also met with a prospective cricketing exchange student from the Gold Coast Grammar School. Discussions are at an early stage, but this could open up exciting opportunities for students of both schools.