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Frozen Kingdom Workshop

Tuesday saw the Year 5s take part in their Frozen Kingdom Workshop as part of their Creative Learning Project. This is a new workshop which we have introduced to create memorable experience for their topic.

The children took part in a variety of activities including an Explorer Treasure Hunt as well as an Art Workshop where the children created their own Northern Lights!

For many of the children the highlight was the Immersive Dome Experience! We had an amazing presenter who took the children on a tour of the Solar System which recapped last term’s work on Stargazers incredibly well. The experience then took the children into the Frozen Kingdom within the 3D Cinema.

Jake from 5SP described the morning as “the best day ever!” whilst Mark from 5MS described the Immersive Dome as “incredible! It was like going into another world!”

We’re looking forward to a fantastic half term building on the children’s enthusiasm for Frozen Kingdom!

Sam Phillips, Lower School Tutor (Year 5)