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Head for the Day

Hello my name is Elai. Today I took over the role as Head of Belmont School.

This morning I met with Mr Roberts and he gave me my Head’s ID badge at 8am, it is just like the ones teachers and other staff wear.

We then went to Mr Roberts’ office where I rehearsed my speech for assembly. I was quite nervous but Mr Roberts made me feel less nervous. It was then time to head over to the Jubilee Hall, where I practiced one final time before Lower School and Upper School pupils came in.

The song I chose for Jukebox Challenge was Titanium by David Guetta and Sia. I was allowed to choose what I spoke about in my assembly and I chose positivity. I asked the children if they knew what it meant, and they did! My explanation is ‘If you can make yourself and other people positive it encourages you to do things you wouldn’t have done before’.

I then gave out Head’s Award and certificates for English and EAL, Golden Commends, badges for School Council, Hockey and Football.

Finally I closed the assembly by reminding pupils of the 3 things that Belmontians should do

  1. Be kind
  2. Embrace challenge
  3. Do your best

I went back to my office to collect my diary and pencil case and went to my lessons; English and then French.

Lunch was in this big ‘special room’, the Rooker Roberts Room. I ate one of my favourites: margarita pizza, crisps and grapes, it was yummy. I chose a friend to share this lunch with me, along with Mr Roberts and Mr Symes.

After lunch I played Cricket with my friends. My friends were happy that I was Head for The Day, although they were asking me for doughnuts at break time, but I refused!

My next task was to pose for photos with my Senior Management Team, I got to sit at Mr Roberts’ desk and answer his phone!

I have enjoyed my day a lot and am excited for my final tasks; meeting parents at Afternoon Tea, lesson observations and assisting at crossing duties.

Reasons why I like Belmont

  • I like the teachers and their personalities
  • The treats on a Friday
  • How everything is scheduled
  • The playground area
  • The clubs on offer

Elai 4NC,