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My Mill Hill Journey So Far…

England has a very strong reputation for its education system and sporting life in schools. For these reasons I decided to pursue my education in this environment. The UK is also known for its perfect boarding system which gives me an opportunity to experience independent life at a young age. In this environment, I am able to learn more about self-discipline and to enjoy a full social life. Studying within an educational system which delivers the curriculum in English allows me to learn the language more in depth and obtain the skills of being able to communicate on an international level.

I chose to study at The Mount, Mill Hill International because the School offers a One-Year GCSE course in a perfect environment. In addition, the thrill of studying and communicating with students that come from other cultural backgrounds is fascinating. I consider this as a chance to learn new things about different cultures beyond the syllabus. Moreover, the location of the School is ideal as it is situated in London and takes only 40 minutes to get to Central London. The School is also linked to Mill Hill School which provides us with a great choice of activities which vary from football to studying robotics.

The School, unsurprisingly, has met all of my expectations. So far I am proud to say that I have achieved great results in my exams. I have taken on the role as class leader by becoming a student councillor and sports ambassador. So far, I have managed to create my own sports club and a new library in the student common room. I have been impressed with the cultural diversity, and I have found many friends from a variety of countries. This cultural diversity is really important to me, and I now have contacts and opportunities to have a career in many different countries.

As I already know Mill Hill School well, I consider it a perfect option to help me adapt quickly and study my A Levels there. I am used to the environment. Mill Hill School has many advantages and can provide resources that many other schools may not be able to. There is a large range of facilities for activities and very strong communication in a well-built pupil community.

Yaroslav from Ukraine

The Mount, Mill Hill International, Year 11, One-Year GCSE course