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The Townsend- Warner Preparatory Schools History Prize

Today Belmont pupils have taken part in the Townsend- Warner Competition.  This is a nationwide competition which sets to challenge the historical knowledge of prep school pupils in Year 7 and 8.

The competition was set up 131 years ago by a House Master at Harrow School.  The competition has over 2000 entries and this year Belmont entered a team of 20. Pupils have been studying hard over the Christmas holidays and this week to prepare.

The paper was extremely challenging but pupils showed resilience and did themselves proud.  We will find out our results in February and discover whether any of our pupils have made it through to Round 2, which will take place Monday 19th of February.

A huge well done to all those pupils who took part. Mrs Smith

Year 8 Year 7
Edie 8VR Felix 7AM
Arthur 8VR Jonah 7JF
Ciara 8JI Max 7OM
Noah 8CM William 7GT
Gillies 8JI Ruth 7AW
Jacob 8JC Katie 7JF
Josie 8PN Patrick 7JF
Elliot 8PN Christopher 7JF
Ella 8JI
George 8PN
Jack 8PN
Maya 8JI

Here are some of the questions that the pupils faced:

  • Where were the two nephews of Richard, Duke of Gloucester, held in 1483?
  • What was pulled down in Germany in 1989 after 28 years?
  • Which monarch reigned during the tenure of 14 different UK prime ministers?
  • What year did Henry VIII ascend the throne?
  • Who wrote The Canterbury Tales (1387-1400)?

Answers: The Tower of London, The Berlin Wall, Elizabeth II, 1509, Geoffrey Chaucer.