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2018 Ski Trip to Claviere, Italy

We were all so excited. As we were on our way to the airport, everyone was already talking about who they wanted to share a room with and who would get each bed. When we reached the airport, we all bought lunch in groups of four. We then got on the plane and headed on our way to Turin. As we got off the plane, the excitement was brewing. We took an hour’s coach journey from Turin to Claviere. We had finally reached our destination, the Italian Alps. We were all quite tired from a day of travelling, so we settled down into our beds in our new rooms.

The next day we were all refreshed and ready for the day ahead of skiing. The slopes were amazing and the snow was fresh. We were sorted into ability groups and off we went. Every night we had a different activity. My favourite was skidooing. This was where we got a snow-mobile up to the top of the mountain, had a crepe at the top then came back down. The whole experience was just amazing. Other evening activities included show-shoeing, quiz night and a onesie competition.

Most of our meals were in our hotel but one night we ate out at a pizza restaurant. The food in the hotel was actually really nice. We would always have a starter and a main course, and for breakfast, there was a big selection.

The skiing was also fun because our instructors would take us to new places and sometimes they took us off piste. Some of the groups even got to ski in France. Overall the ski trip was a big success and we all really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to go again next year. A big thank you to Mr Spink, Mr Billows, Mr Palmer, Miss Anderson and Miss Alderton for making the trip so much fun and a memory none of us will forget.

By Jayden (7OM)