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Meet Burton Bank’s Farrow Singing Competition Winner

Azzurra from Burton Bank (Fifth Form pupil, The Mount, Mill Hill International) this term, won the Junior Musical Theatre category in the Farrow Singing Competition. Having been involved in various performances with the Chapel Choir including the Remembrance Day Service and with more performances to come, we chatted to Azzurra about her performance on the night and more about how she has been involved in singing here at school.

When did you first start singing and what made you start?
I had a friend that took singing lessons in my old school and so I just tagged along and starting going with her. No one in my family really sings, and despite not being very good at it to begin with, I really enjoyed it and so carried on.

As part of the Farrow Competition, you had to get through the first round of heats, how did this compare to the final?
The heats were very much more relaxed, I hadn’t prepared myself as thoroughly as I did for the finals. It was more like an audition where you turn up and do your best rather than a performance. For the final, there was more time to prepare. We had a masterclass on the weekend leading up to the performance where we were given tips on performance technique and song choice. The final was much more like a performance with a bigger audience and much more at stake, however I felt much more prepared for what was to come.

Other than the Farrow Competition, how else is singing part of your school life?
I am part of the Chapel Choir and through this have been part of things such as the Remembrance Service. I also take singing lessons at school and will be taking part in the Jazz Soirée Competition later this term.

What genre is your favourite?
Musical theatre, I am really keen to continue this after school and dream of one day studying at a drama school. I also plan to study A Level drama at Mill Hill.

How do you think your performance and singing has developed since joining Mill Hill?
If you’d have asked me to sing in front of an audience at the start of this year, there is no way I would have even considered it. Being part of the Chapel Choir and developing my confidence through singing lessons has got me to the point now where I really enjoy performing. There is a really positive culture surrounding singing and performing at Mill Hill and I really love being a part of it.