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School Council Update

Students of Mill Hill are the biggest contributors to our immediate community and student voice is valued. The Full School Council (FSC) is a student oriented and focused council; each meeting is chaired by a Senior Monitor and consists of representatives from each year level. I am focusing on instilling a leadership style that concentrates on service, where the responsibility of the FSC is to serve the Mill Hill community.

During the Full School Assembly on Monday this week, I had the opportunity to address the School with an update on the work from the FSC.

Some of the short term goals that have been identified and are being acted on include:

  • The use of textbooks
  • Progress grade colour changes
  • Water fountains
  • Access into and around the Sixth Form Centre and car park

Longer term projects for potential proposals include:

  • The effective use of recycling bins
  • Food Waste Day
  • Mentoring and integration programmes across all year levels
  • Training programs for students (and staff) in being a better friend to potentially focus on sexuality, gender and inclusion

I finished with a message to encourage all students to continue seeking ways to help benefit the Mill Hill community. This could be through talking to members of the FSC, attending a meeting, responding to surveys or speaking to me directly. Student voice has the potential to be a powerful force in a school, where changes and initiatives can be student orientated. There is a structure in place within the school that will help, support and enable change. Change does not have to be the sole responsibility of the FSC, but initiative from someone or a group of students will go a long way to continuing the improvement of the Mill Hill experience.

Ben Elliott
School Councils Coordinator