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Sports Leaders Officiate a Disability Boccia Competition

Our Sports Leaders turned their hand to the most inclusive Paralympic sport recently by officiating at a disability boccia competition. The competition, organised by Panathlon Challenge, a charity which aims to give sporting opportunities to children with disabilities, saw teams from all over London compete at the Westway in Shepherds Bush to try and win a place in the national finals.

Boccia is a ball sport, similar to bowls and pétanque, which requires competitors to try and land balls as close to a jack ball as possible. In this competition, teams competed over three ‘ends’ to try and score more points than the opposition. Having undergone training in their weekly Friday afternoon activity session prior to half-term, the eight sports leaders selected for the event worked in pairs to officiate each match. Officials were responsible for observing matches and applying the rules, scoring games and communicating with players and members of staff. All leaders showed great enthusiasm, knowledge and empathy throughout the competition, and were great ambassadors for the school.

James Bedford
Physical Education Department