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3D Golf Sessions with John Watson

Mill Hill School Golfers benefited from the advice of PGA Advanced Professional John Watson who worked with Mr Halford at The Lee Westwood Academy. John is an England coach and a specialist on the mechanics of the golf swing and has access to some of the best resources available in the game. This kind of technology and John’s expertise are usually reserved for top professionals in golf.

Each pupil was wired up to a magnetic system that tracked the movements of their swing, from which John and Mr Halford were able give them facts about their performance. It was great to see the improvements in every pupil’s techniques and to hear John offer his expert advice.

Not only were the sessions enjoyable and extremely helpful for our pupils’ development but some will also be able to use the findings as evidence for their GCSE PE practical work.

Huge thanks go to John for helping our golfers once again.

Dean Halford
Physical Education Department