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The History Society meets Dr Michael Lynch

On Friday 9th February, Mill Hill School were privileged to host Historian Dr Michael Lynch. The focus of Dr Lynch’s lecture at Mill Hill was trying to rationalise the rise and cult of Stalin. Dr Lynch spoke with remarkable warmth, humour and enthusiasm, so much so that after two hours of thoughtful but accessible remarks, Mr Dickinson had to intervene to give Dr Lynch a well-deserved break. After the lecture a selection of students from the History Society were fortunate to have dinner with Dr Lynch. Over dinner we touched on a range of issues including the advancement of women within the USSR, the current sexual harassments scandals and also his encounter with Alexander Kerensky, the last leader of the Provisional Government before the October Revolution. Dr Lynch’s thoughtful insights will live long in the memory and serve our A Level Historians well in their exams this summer. I very much hope that Dr Lynch will return next year to share his wealth of knowledge with next year’s cohort of Upper Sixth Students.


Reuben Brown
Upper Sixth