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PE: Grimsdell Sports Festival

Last Friday, all children in KS1 took part in our annual Sports Festival held at Mill Hill School.

The activities were designed to involve girls and boys in mixed teams. These included a ladder run task, target shooting with bean bags and a range of games which have been designed to improve agility, co-ordination, balance and accuracy.

Everyone in Year 1 and Year 2 were very engaged with these multi-skilled games and really enjoyed the circuit format, put together by the Mill Hill pupils each pupil was awarded with a sticker for participating.

It was a great morning of fun activities and competitions!

Please watch this space after the Easter break to find out how much money was raised for Sports Relief and to see photos of the event! It has been an amazing day.

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  • 2AM Francesco
  • 2RM Ayla
  • 2YM Rayan

Veronica Suarez-Rivas, Head of PE