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Proudly supporting Duchenne UK through our Enterprise Education Group

Enterprise Education is one of the leadership activities Remove pupils take part in, helping us develop entrepreneurial, life and employment skills to prepare us for life beyond school.  We split into teams and worked through the autumn term to make money by buying, advertising and selling products, making a total profit of £750.

All the members of our Enterprise Education group were invited to put forward a pitch about a charity close to them, this was followed by a vote to choose which one we would raise money for. Although all charities were worthy we chose Duchenne UK.

Duchenne UK is a charity desperately trying to fund and accelerate treatments and a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Maya put the charity forward as her God Brother, Raul, suffers from Duchenne. To find out more about the charity please click here.

This week, a representative from the charity, Robyn Pete, a mother of a child with Duchenne, and Maya explained more about the condition in an assembly for all Remove pupils. They explained that this is a genetic disorder, mainly found in boys, that causes muscle weakness and wasting, starting in early childhood. The general decline in muscle strength means many are confined to a wheelchair by the age of 12 and by late teens most young people with Duchenne lose the ability to use their arms, and their heart muscles and breathing muscles get weaker. It is unusual for someone with Duchenne to live beyond their 30s.

A cheque was presented to Duchenne UK on behalf of the Enterprise Education group and Raul was invited to meet us, together with Raul’s mum and Mrs Sanchez, and have a chat. Raul is also in Year 10 so naturally we complained about the GSCE workload and discussed football.

Though it was difficult to learn about the devastating effects of Duchenne, it was great to know the money raised was going to such a good cause.

Maya Shah, Jessie Waller and Daniel Garril