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A snap shot of Science week at Belmont…

Many exciting activities took place for science week for all year groups, within classes and extra activities.

Year 3 – Used chromatography to make beautiful butterflies and grew crystal trees

Year 4 and 6 – Year 6’s took leadership and introduced the younger scientists to the world of microscopes.

Year 5 – Visited Mill Hill Science Department for the afternoon with their form teachers – enjoying a range of practical activities within Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Y6 leadership with Y1 from Grimsdell – making and testing Alka-Seltzer Rockets.

Year 6 (Girls) – Celebrating International Women’s Day by visiting Mill Hill for ‘Famous Women in Science’ talk & Science practical’s.

Year 6 – Testing the Friction Grip of the Astro in Wet Weather.

Year 7 – Made bath bombs linking in with Stem Club.

Year 8 – They were introduced to the world of Forensics. Visiting a Crime scene and carrying out various analysis techniques to solve the crime.

The Science Department