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This week in Nursery…

The sound we have been learning about this week is g. We have made our sound card using gold glitter. We have had lots of goggles in Nursery this week!

We have been able to observe the ducklings closely over the last few days. We have looked at their webbed feet and seen how this helps the ducklings swim. The children noticed that some of their adult feathers are coming through already.

Everyone has had the chance to hold one of the ducklings and the children were delighted.

The children have really enjoyed this experience and have learnt how to care for living animals. They have also begun to find out about different life cycles. The children observed the changes that took place over the 2 weeks and were introduced to lots of new vocabulary which will help to extend their understanding of the world. We had an exciting time with the ducklings. Now they have gone back to the farm in Norfolk.