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This week in Year 2…

Year 2 Arctic Adventure Fabulous Finish

Our fabulous finish was fantastic because we had hot chocolate with marshmallows inside. It was spectacular because we drank it in the igloos.

Elysse 2YM

Yesterday we went and played in igloos outside and dressed up as polar bears and Inuits. We could have seconds of hot chocolate.

Ishan 2YM

It was amazing yesterday because we had lots of tents and we could dress up as mushers in the tents. When our class was called, we lined up to get hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Evie 2AM

We went into the playground and the staff set up some tents. We were pretending to be mushers in 1925 pretending to do the great serum run.

Jonah 2AM

We went in the igloos and played with the huskies. I really enjoyed playing with the huskies.

Poppy 2RM

We went outside and had hot chocolate with marshmallows. We pretended to be Inuits.

Skyler 2RM