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What Year 2 have been up to this week…

2YM Class Assembly

2YM were incredibly excited to perform their Class Assembly to their parents on Wednesday 7th March.  They spoke about the theme “Share a Book” for World Book Day 2018 and through song, photographs and poetry, they described when they enjoy reading and who they enjoy reading with.  Elysse gave a wonderful impersonation of our teacher librarian Mrs Harvey as she encouraged children to “open a book” and enjoy the wonderful range of literature in our newly opened Grimsdell School Library!

Open A Book

Open a book and you will find

People and places of every kind

Open a book and you can be

Anything you want to be

Open a book and you can share

Wonderous words you find in there

Open a book and I will too

You read to me and i’ll read to you

Book Week

The children were thrilled to come into school today dressed as a Book Character for our World Book Day parade.  The whole school congregated in the school hall and each child walked down the ‘cat walk’ to show off their outfit.  In turn they spoke in front of the school and explained what character they were dressed up as.  A fabulous range of outfits adding colour, humour and energy to the day! Thank you for your efforts and enthusiasm Year 2.

Class 2AM

Class 2RM

Class 2YM

English/ Topic

In Year 2 have been learning about the Great Serum Run that took place in January 1925.  We wrote a diary, describing the events from the Doctors perspective. We had to remember to write in the 1st person, to use descriptive language and to use a range of sentence openers.

Day 1: The Outbreak

‘Dear Diary,

On one snowy day, I had a knock on my door and a mum came in saying “My child is very sick”. So I raced to the house. She said “you must help me!”. So I came into the house and two children lay in bed. The parents were very sad. I asked the boy to open his mouth but he couldn’t because he had a sore throat. There was nothing I could do. The next day, a child called Bessie could open her mouth and I realised what the illness was. It was diphtheria. This illness could wipe out the whole of Nome.’

By Francesco 2AM