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Year 5 DT Challenge

On Tuesday 27th February 2018 Elliot, Tabitha, Edie, Taeko, Charlotte, Yuri, Julie and Erica took part in a DT competition at St John’s School in Northwood. It was so exciting!

When we arrived at St John’s we headed to a building called Norman Hall where we placed our snacks, coats and any other belongings. We had five minutes to ourselves and then we got cracking with the task ahead.

Our project was to build a wind turbine and we had to test if the wind turbine could carry pennies. To make the wind turbine move we used a hair dryer. It was amazing with the wind turbine you had to pull up a cup with coins in it. Whoever managed to pull the most coins won. Team 1 managed to do 2 pennies and team 2 did 5 pennies. Personally I loved it and I hope we can do it again.

It was so nerve-racking when they said ‘Go!’ I was like ‘ahhhhhh, what shall we do.’ At first I did not have an idea on what to do, but when my team started planning and deciding who was doing what, it started to become clearer in the designs of the blades. I felt excited and nervous because there were other schools watching but my team helped me to get incredible ideas. I used a tactic my brother used for his hovercraft to make the blades turn easier which was done by twisting the blades.

By Elliot, Tabitha, Edie, Taeko, Charlotte, Yuri, Julie and Erica.