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Author Visit – Jay Jay Burridge

Today Years 3 to 6 were treated to a visit from the author Jay Jay Burridge, who came to talk to them about his series of books, Supersaurs. The children were given an insight into how he came to develop the amazing ‘Saurs’ and the range of wild and wonderful creatures he has used to create his imaginative world. He posed the question, ‘What if dinosaurs had never become extinct and what would they be like if they had had an extra 66 million years of evolution?’ The children very much enjoyed learning about the evolution of dinosaurs and the history of palaeontology. Jay Jay is clearly passionate about this subject and having many talents he has also created an app that accompanies his books and the children were enthralled. Jay Jay talked through how he developed the augmented reality aspect of the World of Supersaurs and demonstrated how through using the app how the images come to life.

The children were inspired by Jay Jay’s work and journey to this point in his life, becoming an author. Being dyslexic, posed a huge barrier for him as a young boy but he demonstrated to the children how, despite this challenge, he worked hard and succeeded. Jay Jay told us that he hopes that his books will inspire children to read and also to write even if they find it challenging as the outcome is well and truly worth it.