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Easter Forest School Camp

In the first week of the Easter holidays, Belmont and Grimsdell staff ran a Forest School Camp for three days with thirty children attending each day. This was Mr. Dobson’s last official Forest School Camp with us and I want to take this opportunity to thank him for inspiring us as a Foundation to spend time in the woods!

We had a wonderful, fun filled few days which included using a range of different tools like sheath knives (for Year 4 and over) and bow saws. The children whittled sycamore so they could toast their marshmallows and apples covered in sugar and cinnamon. They had amazing fun slidding down muddy banks when we had particularly wet weather on the last day! We sang songs around the camp fire and listened to the rain as it pitter pattered on the canvas above our heads. We made popcorn and Forest School pizza over the fire – this was a huge hit with everyone as usual! The children made dens, they ran, they climbed, they explored, they laughed and they had fantastic fun.

“We had great fun, I love getting muddy” Matthew Year 2

“I had an awesome time at Forest School, whittling sticks is my favourite part” James Year 5

“It’s the best fun, it inspires you to be outside and I love sitting around the campfire toasting marshmallows” Samuel Year 5

“I love the swing, the hammock and all the forest food!” Abigail Year 4

Thank you all for a superb few days!

From the Forest School Team (Mrs Moir, Miss Staniford, Mr Dobson, Miss Greaves and Mrs Dobson)