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Aldwickbury Mathematics Challenge

Last Tuesday, some of Year 4s strongest problem-solvers went to take part in the Aldwickbury Mathematics Challenge, in Harpenden. The young mathematicians participated in various mathematical tasks which included working with dice, pentominoes, playing cards, dominoes, tangrams and counters. The final round involved working through multiple choice mathematical problems.

Our teams were Louis (4HK) & Hiroshi (4AD) and Daisy (4NC) and Allison (4HK). They battled hard and came a respectable 10th and 17th place, respectively, out of the 30 teams that took part.

This is what Hiroshi had to say:

‘Before we started, I was so excited, my heart was beating as fast as a cheetah catching its prey. When we arrived, we were given a table number, a booklet and a pen. I wasn’t expecting the hall to be full of so many children! Louis and I answered lots of questions and felt confident as we got so many correct. Next time, if I’m fortunate enough to be picked, I would like to practise more to get a better score.’

The beaming faces of all four children showed that the main thing was that they thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon.

Finally, as mentioned in a previous Bulletin, Vassilios (Y7) scored superbly in the first round of the UKMT Intermediate Mathematics Challenge, a National Competition principally aimed at Year 11 students, qualifying him for the UKMT Intermediate Olympiad round called the Cayley. He has since taken his Cayley Olympiad round (on Thursday 15th March 2018), and we are pleased to report that he has achieved a Merit. Well done to Vassilios!

Miss Desai