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Boarders Make the Most of the Sun

This weekend (20th May) saw the boarding community come together to enjoy the beautiful weather for an afternoon of summer activities. Burton Bank, Collinson, Ridgeway and New House students battled it out in a softball match of mixed teams headed up by Miss Mattinson and Mr Turner, under the watchful eye of Mrs Turner and Mr Lawson.

Miss Mattinson’s team took an early lead in the first innings with some big hits and fast running taking the score to 8-5. The second innings saw some fantastic batting from the likes of Manav Shahani (Ridgeway) and solid back stopping from Louis Chong (Ridgeway) and Mr Turner’s team began to pull it back. The memorable moment of the match had to be Zack Lester’s (Burton Bank) incredible catch of a huge hit from Mr Turner in the second innings which followed his previous fielding attempts involving him skidding face-first along the grass. It was down to the last ball, with Mr Turner’s team needing one rounder to draw even. The last batter proved successful and the game finished with a draw: satisfaction all round.

All the excitement proved to work up an appetite; the BBQ was ready for all to enjoy on Top Terrace. It was fantastic to see so many people coming together to make the most of the weather and enjoy the vibrancy of the boarding community.