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Clubs on offer at Grimsdell

At Grimsdell we offer an extensive variety of clubs for children to get involved in, these provide social opportunities that develop friendships as well as enjoyment and fun.

Jewellery Club

  • We have had lots of fun in Jewellery club this term making necklaces and bracelets in various sizes, shapes and using colour beads. The children enjoyed painting their gorgeous Jewellery trees to hang all their creations on. Next term we are looking forward to sand bracelets, trinket boxes, charms and more! Lots of fun creations in the making!

Textiles Club

  • The children in Textiles club chose to make animal puppets, they are really proud of what they have achieved and can’t wait for the next project.

Mrs Moir’s Marvellous Mindfulness Club

  • Stop…Breathe…Be Present…
  • We have had a wonderful half term at our Mindfulness lunchtime club for Year 2 children. We have been focusing on our breath – on the breath going in and the breath going out. We concentrate on ways we can help ourselves when we feel upset, angry or worried. I have been teaching the children simple ways to be mindful and simple meditations they can always carry with them. Ask your child about the ‘petal’ or the ‘take five’ meditation. Sometimes the children have wanted to rest completely so they can relax their spine, their arms and their legs therefore having a mindful body. Can you take a mindful minute today and just stop, breathe and be present?

Keyboard Club

  • Keyboard club pupils this term have begun to develop their ability to read from a melodic score using the appropriate finger positioning. Pupils have had a chance to challenge themselves on a variety of sing line melodies from ‘London Bridge’ to ‘Hedwigs’ Theme’ by John Williams. Pupils have also learnt some basic music theory including how to navigate the keyboard using sharps (#) and flats. (b’s.)
  • Next term we shall be looking at playing both the treble and the bass clef, working with both hands.

Composition Club

  • Pupils have moved at an extremely fast pace, from learning to compose with musical discrimination on a graphic score, to learning to read and notate their compositions on manuscript paper. Next term students will be looking further into time signatures, note values and different genres of music and their features.