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This week in Music…


The children this week began to think about the rhythmic value of words. They were presented with a magical box which enclosed objects that had different rhythmic sounds: Key, Button, Lego block etc. Pupils then explored their names and their syllabic rhythms.


Reception this week played as a class ensemble following the rhythms outlined on their own sheet music. The children then played along to a backing track. We discussed why music is written down and how that helps us as performers.

Year One

Pupils this week learnt about a Graphic score and working as a whole class ensemble. Two classes have been learning our changing of the guard song and one class is composing together a Big Ben composition. Year One have demonstrated excellent music making and listening with discrimination this week.

Year Two

Children have been exploring and defining Wedding sounds linked to the Musical elements. Moreover, they have refreshed their memory of reading Rhythms using the Kodaly method with a view to begin more complex soundscapes next week . In addition to this, we have be working on a class ensemble performance played on melodic and percussive instruments ready for the Royal Tea Party next Friday.