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This week in PE…

Pupils in Year One made the most of the lovely weather this week. Working on the astro, they have been using some of the ball skills learnt throughout the year in simple games. The children had to use their knowledge and creativity to make up their own games. Creativity comes as a result of trial and error, curiosity, being fearless and experimenting. In order to promote creativity we need to allow children the freedom to make discoveries for themselves.


Learning how to swim well is a long and exciting journey. It takes a few years to gain efficient body alignment and recognisable strokes, and a few more to be able to combine the skills of breathing, kicking and using effective swimming strokes. Each child is different and some will take longer than others. The more time a child spends in the water the more confident he/she will feel. All children in Year 1 are working really hard in their own swimming groups. A special mention this week goes to everyone for fantastic behaviour and discipline.