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This week in Year 1…

This week, Year One have begun to learn the names of some of the London landmarks that Katie and Jack visit with the lion in ‘Katie in London’. We began the week by watching a film about London landmarks and then predicted where the lion might take Katie and Jack. We then read the whole story and sequenced the events whilst retelling the story. We each chose our favourite London landmark from the story and wrote a caption to accompany it together with some direct speech from the story’s characters. We also thought about how it would feel to be left alone in London like Katie and Jack and painted our leaping lions using old toothbrushes and pieces of cardboard.

In Maths, we have begun to learn the names of a range of 3D shapes and have compared them to everyday objects. We have also described their properties using related vocabulary such as ‘edge’, ‘vertex’, ‘face’, ‘curved’ and ‘flat’.

The sounds we learned in phonics this week were the alternative pronunciation of ‘y’ (yoyo/happy/fly/cygnet).

1EK have been working in pairs to re-sequence the events in our book ‘Katie in London’.

The children practised their bus etiquette. Giving up seats for pregnant women, the elderly or mothers with buggies.