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Year 2 Forest School

Year 2 have really enjoyed their recent forest school sessions which we have linked to ‘The Pea and the Princess’ by Mini Grey. In the first session, the children were instructed to make a crown and then the best crown won the title of Queen or King of the forest! They had to stick natural materials they found in the woods onto cardboard with double sided tape. The sun shone when 2YM and 2RM had their session so we finished by playing drip, drip, drop!

The next session required the children to make a princess from a stick, using material to clothe her and pipe cleaners for arms and legs. They had to use a peeler safely to remove some of the bark for their princesses face. Then they had to make a bed for their princess and some even included a ‘pea’ under the ‘mattresses’!

I was very proud of the children’s efforts as they had to challenge themselves to get creative and imaginative. Their resilience, perseverance and determination shone through – well done!

Mrs Moir