fb-pixel Activities Week 2018 - Mill Hill Schools


Activities Week 2018

During Activities Week there were a variety of activities taking place throughout Belmont, both in the classroom and outside…

Circus Skills

Pupils had the opportunity to learn lots of Circus Skills including spinning plates, diabolo and hula hooping! Circus Skills are known to improve physical fitness, co-ordination, balance, rhythm and timing.

Scribble Bots

Scribble Bots are little robots that colours in on it’s own. They operate off a vibrating motor that helps the robot skip across a piece of paper. If the robot’s “legs” are art supplies, the robot will paint/ draw on it’s own accord.

The pupils were amazed how the little scribble bot skipped across the paper completely by itself!

Roving Reporters 

Pupils had the task of being Journalists and reporting the events taking place during Activities Week. They did a great job of getting stuck in and create news stories!

Climbing Wall

As soon as pupils saw the climbing wall arrive at Belmont they could not wait to have a go! It was great to see everyone embrace the challenge and take part!


Mr Halford, a member of the Physical Education Department at Mill Hill School came over to Belmont along with some Mill Hill students to give a workshop on playing Golf. The children learned about gripping, ball position, stance and posture. They were also introduced to chipping, putting and driving.


This workshop demonstrated the correct and safe shooting technique, guided pupils through each piece of equipment. Everyone enjoyed the competition of hitting the target!