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Activity Week

In the sunshine of late June, Mil Hill School pupils enjoyed an amazing four days of Activities Week. The week saw our pupils choose from a list of 64 different trips, activity days and challenges. The opportunities ranged from our two-week partnership trips to Zambia and India, an open water scuba diving course, competing in the MHS Bake-off competition and visiting the battlefields sites in northern France and Belgium.

The adrenaline activities proved a popular choice with many of our pupils. Some enjoyed memorable days on the Olympic white water rapids course, whilst others learnt to master indoor sky diving. However, perhaps the most enjoyable memory for some was watching the Fourth Form pupils laughing with glee whilst chasing a group of teachers  around the woods peppering them with paintball pellets.

At the other end of the octane spectrum, pupils learned to relax with days of well-being and enjoyed the culture and education that our brilliant capital city provides with trips to the V & A, Tate Modern and National Science Museum. Other pupils had the opportunity to explore their creative side by writing, directing and acting in the first ever Mill Hill School Film or by attending the creative writing and journalistic workshops.

At the end of the four days the children had time to reflect on key lessons learned and skills that they have developed during the week of challenges, fun and adventure. It was a truly wonderful end to another fantastic year at Mill Hill School.

Tom Vercoe
Assistant Head (Co-curricular and Sports)