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In Reception this week…

Just before the half term in Forest School, the children found four golden eggs. They were really excited and wondered who had left them there. The golden eggs were carefully brought back to class and the children have been learning to look after the eggs. They built a nest and discussed how they should care for them. We are not sure what kind of eggs they are, so in Science the children have been looking at different types of creatures that come out of eggs. After half term the egg cracked and the classrooms were left in a mess! A letter was left explaining that baby dragons had hatched. The children followed the clues and found the dragons in the school grounds.

Our Squire training has reached another level. The children are now teaching the dragons to behave and follow the Grimsdell Way code.

The children really enjoyed their art and writing activity this week, they painted dragons using ink and salt to give the dragons texture and they then wrote about their dragon using verbs and similes.