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Tamil Nadu: Day Three

After half a non alcoholic beverage and a game of cards, the group settled down for a good night’s sleep. Rising early the next morning and sadly with one member down the group boarded the buses that would take us to the cart festival. On arrival the kids from the hostel surrounded us president style and escorted us through the bustling town to the tower in which we saw huge 50 foot carts being drawn by 100 thousand people. Descending from the tower into a small courtyard we were welcomed into the property of one of the most influential families in the area’s house. We were greeted with extremely sweet grape juice and shown the oldest man powered lift in the area, while simultaneously being filmed, recorded and photographed by anyone in the vicinity. Returning to the hostel for lunch, we enjoyed a brief siesta before going on to our next venue, an old Portuguese fishing village. Long strolls on the beach ensued with the group going to extremes even dipping their toes in. How Adventurous! We also visited the holy ghost church, with its concrete grey shades looming over. The wildlife was abundant with birds and dragonflies swarming and the dogs stalking us due to Arthur W (AKA the dog whisperer) supreme dog handling techniques. A quick pastry snack ensued and then it was back to Sri Jayendra. A day of rest and relaxation was thoroughly enjoyed, as we look forward to a full day of teaching tomorrow.

Tal Goldstein and Tom Dearden