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Tamil Nadu: Day Four

We were awoken yet again by the icy cold air con which no one can seem to figure out. This state soon changed as we walked out into the sweltering morning heat.  We started the day as we have every day before – with a few slices of toast and tea, we then quickly prepared for the day of teaching ahead.

The school day began with an assembly and then we got right into teaching.  Each lesson was exciting and interesting while also being humbling and heartwarming. The children as always were eager to learn and made substantial progress in the short 40 minutes we had together. These lessons included activities such as reading, games and discussion, with each child getting involved and working to the best of their ability.

After the school day ended we had some down time to plan lessons and prepare for the evening activity, choosing our Saris and coatas! We then went on a hectic bus ride to Pothys the local shopping centre.  Once inside the boys and girls split to choose their sarees and coatas. There were walls of fabrics and oceans of colour; however choosing the colour was not too difficult as everyone had been planning theirs since they got the email that they would be on the trip!After we chose, we did some quick shopping buying clothes, presents and food. We then came home on another wild bus ride, then we settled down for another dinner of rice and curry (with added soy sauce from home). After dinner rather than watching England vs Belgium in the World Cup we returned to our rooms to plan for the lessons tomorrow.