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This week in Music…


This week Nursery have continued their unit on pitch, however, we are beginning to make the score they are playing more complex. Pupils also investigated boomwhackers, a guitar, the Ukulele and the Glockenspiel looking at how the differences in pitch are made.


As a starter activity children have been practising the skill of recognising aurally whether two melodies were the same or different. The activity gradually grew in complexity where the differences became more and more minimal and as a result a good challenge at the end.

Furthermore, the class also began to study classical instruments of the orchestra based on John Williams’ film music for Harry Potter. Pupils seemed to thoroughly enjoy this and were able to recognise a French Horn, a Harp and a Trumpet to name a few!

Year One

Year One have been truly wonderful rehearsing for their performance. As the week has progressed the play appears to be going more and more smoothly and pupils who hadn’t practised their lines at home have taken ownership over them at school – exceptionally grown up!