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This week in Music…


Reception have been learning about instruments of the orchestra and how to recognise them visually and aurally. Pupils sat as an orchestra in its sections and were asked to pretend to play their instruments when they heard their part in the Hedwigs Theme – Harry Potter. It was fantastic to hear a few students had prior knowledge of orchestral instruments. Next week, my aim is for all students to have a go playing the trombone, oboe, trumpet, violin and clarinet.

Year One

This week Year One had their performance in front of the school and their parents. I was impressed with their confidence, determination and willingness to take on such challenging lines! Year One have been a complete joy to work with, and I am hugely grateful to staff and parents alike for supporting our pupils in their performance.

Year Two

Year Two also performed this week highlighting Kings and Queens throughout Britain’s history. A huge congratulations to all who took part, I hope they are as proud of themselves as I am of them! It has been a joy and delight to teach Year Two this term and I wish them great success in their next schools.