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This week in Year One…

This week in Year One, we had the pleasure of welcoming back our visiting art teacher, Mrs Burgess. We took our inspiration from ‘The Queen’s Handbag’ and painted sunset backgrounds with drawings of oil pastel London landmarks on top. We then drew a lamp post using black ink and stuck a photograph of ourselves posing in royal attire on the picture. We were delighted with our finished works of art!

Also, this week we have begun reading ‘Naughty Bus’ and predicted what kinds of naughty things it might do! We also created a ‘Wanted’ poster to try to find our naughty bus as it has gone missing!

In Maths, we used bucket scales to weigh a range of objects in the classroom and created our own bar charts to record each item’s weight. We also used a range of containers to consider how much capacity each one had and compared the volume of liquid inside.

Mrs Satariano