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In Year Two this week…

Engineering Day

On our first day back after half term we were incredibly lucky to have Jeremy, who has worked as a Chartered Civil Engineer for thirty years, in for a workshop.

He taught us how to build different famous London landmarks using newspaper which we rolled using special rolling STIXX machines. We were challenged to use teamwork, communication, logical thinking and creativity to build the best structure possible and we were so impressed with what we had created at the end!

We even managed to make Tower Bridge with working bascules – the moving parts of the bridge!


This week, Year 2 received another letter from the Queen! She thanked us for inviting her to our wonderful Royal Wedding Garden Party before half term and asked us to now help visitors to London learn about significant parts of London history. The book she recommended we start with was ‘The Great Fire of London’ by Emma Adams and James Weston Lewis. So Year 2 have been transported back in time to 1666! We asked for their help to set up a timeline starting with 2018 and going back in time to 1666 to help the children understand how long ago that was. The children were then set a Maths challenge to work out how many years ago it was that the Great Fire of London started! It was a terrific lesson with the children fully engaged and showing persistence when trying to solve their challenge.