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Zambia: Day 3

Following our normal routine of waking up at 6:45, getting ready for the day and having breakfast, we left Mpelebe School at 8:15 in the morning to walk to St Peters School. There, we were greeted by 100 excited children wanting to meet us, talk to us and play rugby. We started the day off with a game of stuck in the mud and by the end of the two morning sessions the children understood the offside rule well. After the coaching was done, the children started teaching me some Bemba and eventually we started rapping and singing together in a big circle. We then had a lunch that was different, to say the least. Chips and hot dogs (with bright pink sausages).

We then arrived at Harmony School early and decided to play a game of football with the children, it was great to see everyone get involved with a smile on their face. Coaching started just after and the kids got into a full game of tag rugby by the end of it. For my group, it was a big achievement as we had a few difficulties in the morning session.

We then took a leisurely stroll back to Mpelembe School, being followed by several school and village children who were keen to get to know us. The other day, Mr Townson was telling us about these DONUTS which he tried in the past so just before we got back we stopped to get some and our group ate them together outside the dining hall. They were amazing and we were all glad we tried some local, homemade food. In the evening we had dinner and then dispersed for some free time and I even got asked by the head of the school magazine at Mpelembe to be interviewed for an article about our visit which turned out to be an inspirational conversation when we got to know each other. Overall it was a very busy yet enjoyable day as we faced new challenges in coaching but also had fun as a group.