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Tamil Nadu: Day Fifteen

A birthday in India is nothing short of special. As we woke up in our sea side abode, it didn’t take long to get the happy birthday mob singing, even Nick! But it could not last long as we had to check out by 10 am. We went on a leisurely stroll to the sea front, where there was a rocky pier where you could get a great view of the sea. We then ventured towards the catholic church as they were doing their Sunday mass. As we stood outside we could hear that the place was packed with families. We were surprised to hear that the priest was doing his service in English. Although we were all shattered a few of us soldiered on and did some shopping. We then returned to the hotel where we ate a delicious lunch which included fried chicken. We were then ready for the road and the 3 hour journey that awaited us. However our driver, the legend Ravi was very passionate and enthusiastic about his local area and so decided to take us to some of his favourite places including the glorious snake temple! But it was shut. We were all disappointed. We decided to head home and prepare for tomorrows grand ceremony. We all got henna, special mentions go to Toms “it’s coming home”, done by Arthur and Theo’s “three lions”. We then played a hilarious group game organised by Jessie, Lauren and James, which reminded us how we had all bonded and made us all very emotional about leaving.