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Tamil Nadu: Day Five

We woke up this morning to face a day packed with activities. After teaching our year 6, 5 ,7 and 8 classes until 3:55pm, a group under the supervision of Mr ‘Fritz’ Albrecht paid a visit to the music department in preparation for our concert on the 9th. We really enjoyed seeing the authentic Tamil instruments and are looking forward to our performance. While all this was going on another group of boys lead by Mr Walwyn played football with some of the local schoolboys, and an intense Volleyball game lead by Lucas W was enjoyed by many.

Although we were all very tired and dusty we managed to get aboard buses and get to Tirunelveli where we saw an amazing temple. This very ancient temple included sanskrit runes that date over 1300 years old which was, as you can imagine, an awe inspiring sight. All around us were an array of Hindu deities, who were represented as beautiful stone statues. We all ended up getting blessed with holy ash, however two of us, Tal G and Tom C got a special blessing from a holy elephant who lived in the temple. They were not the only ones singled out as several students were interviewed on state television, which was a huge honour.

All in all it was another great day and we look forward to our visit to the mountains of Kodaikanal on the weekend.