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Tamil Nadu: Day Seven

We, the millhillian inhabitants of the Kodai Resort Hotel, awoke to refreshingly British weather in the region of Kodaikanal. Having awoken, we were treated to an “international” breakfast spread which consisted almost entirely of curry and Indian baking but included toast and boiled eggs. This was a welcome addition for the curry-fatigued among us. 

After enjoying our breakfast we quickly made our way to Coaker’s Walk: a stroll through nature which treated us to stunning views. Next, we visited a lake sporadically dotted with aspiring sailors. To combat curry fatigue, the teachers decided to treat us to Dominos, however many of us, including myself, over-ordered spectacularly, resulting in the emergence of pizza fatigue.

Afterwards, we came to a beautiful jungle path leading to a supposedly majestic waterfall. The jungle path itself revealed spectacular sights of enormous, ancient trees. We even found a buffalo, seemingly out of place in such an environment. However, when we came to the waterfall, we were disappointed to find more of a pathetic drizzle than a powerful cascade. Wearied by the long marches undertaken over the course of the day, we returned to the resort. Some of us chose to go out shopping while others decided to remain in the Hotel. Finally, after a long day, we ate chips for dinner and retired to our rooms. Ultimately, despite the mini waterfall, the day was very enjoyable and afforded us with wonderful views of the Indian highlands of Kodaikanal.