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Tamil Nadu: Day Six

The day started off with clearing up the rubbish which was under our beds, and in the bathroom, so that the rooms were prepared for a deep cleaning. At 9.30am we were off to the biggest temple in Tamil Nadu which is 2 hours away from where we were staying. In most buses everyone slept because most of us were exhausted. Before we went to the temple we visited the Madurai Galleries where many of us brought souvenirs for ourselves or gifts for family members. We walked to the roof of the Madurai Galleries where there was a beautiful view of the temple we would go to. The outside of the temple was bright blue and had around 1300 statues of Hindu gods, this was amazing to see because it was very different to European architecture. The inside of the temple was like a real life version of temple run. It’s constructed base on the structure of the human body. The one represents the heart of the body is the electric power source. People visit the temple for their health as the electricity released by the source will stimulate the hearts which make it pump more powerfully.Besides that, drawings on the ceiling are absolutely stunning and one of them is magical; it’s a painting of a well and the front of the well is always pointing towards you from any direction. After the pouring rain, we walked bare foot on the wet ground back to the coach. The 2 hours journey was quite peaceful apart from losing one of the 3 cars on the way for 15 minutes. We finally arrived at the Kodai Resort Hotel at 9.30 after another hair- raising 3 hr bus journey through the forest, negotiating hairpin bends and braving the culture of overtaking anything that moved. Supper consisted of sandwiches, chips and curry, after which we fell into bed, exhausted having had yet another busy day.