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Mill Hill Video Production Society

This has been an exciting week for the Mill Hill Video Production Society.  We have already shot our first video: a training video for Fourth Form Open Morning tour guides, featuring Sonny, Jasper and Mr Binns. As the term progresses, we will be opening up to an initial group of keen videographers, who want to learn how to make and edit movies.  As training, pupils will be given a series of challenges each week which will test their film and editing abilities, such as filming somebody walking up the wall of the Dining Hall or creating Zach King effects.  Whether your interest lies in directing, lighting, audio, camera or editing, there will be a role for you within the MHS team.  Alongside this is the Livestreaming Crew, who livestream all of the Foundation’s important events, with some exciting new challenges this year.  As the year progresses, we will be looking to grow and expand, so do not be put off if you are, unable to join straight away. The aim is not only producing the Foundation’s promotional videos, but v-zine articles and short films (for submission to national film competitions).

Fifth Form pupil Cameron (Priestley), who was a key advocate for setting up the society said the following:

“I’m delighted that, after months of preparation, the School’s Video Production and Broadcasting project has now begun. This provides a fantastic opportunity for pupils to learn more about video and try their hand at a range of skills, while also enabling the entire School community to enjoy events like concerts and sports fixtures from home, work and even abroad.”

We are all very excited about this new society and cannot wait to see the work it produces over the coming months.