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This week in Music…

I have had a fantastic couple of weeks getting to know the children and finding out how talented they all are.

We have all been rocking out to ‘Rocking all over the World’. The children’s enthusiasm has been infectious and even had the teachers up dancing in assembly! There have been some excellent “rock star” end positions.


Nursey have been finding the pulse through movement. We found that Mr Frog will stay in the pond if we aren’t too energetic bouncing the lake! We had fun pulling the stretchy lycra as far as it would go and I was so impressed in their ability to bounce Mr Frog only 4 times, we had to practise this a few times but got it perfectly in the end.


Reception were introduced to ‘Poppy’ the rabbit who helps us to notice the different between our thinking voice and our singing voice. They were all very gentle and kind with her and she can’t wait to get to know the children. We have been testing our listening skills playing ‘doggie, doggie’ trying to recognise each other’s voices without seeing them.

Year 1

We have been singing ‘Jump Jim Joe’ with movement, they have coped really well with singing and performing the actions whilst moving in concentric circles!

They have surprised me with their ability to contort their faces into some very interesting shapes in our ‘funny face’ warmup.

Year 2

This week saw the start of task time where some groups began to bring Caroline Pitcher’s book ‘Lord of the Forest’ to life with music. We explored the different sounds the instruments made and the children were very imaginative and found different ways to play the instruments which changed the way it sounded. I was impressed with how well they listened to the story being read aloud and waited for their turn before playing their instruments, it’s very tempting when it’s in your hand to play all of the time!

Mrs Wakefield