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This week in Year 1…

It has been wonderful to welcome the Year One children back to an exciting new year and a new topic … India! The children have settled into their new routines extremely well and have enjoyed exploring their new classrooms and outdoor spaces including the fabulous new Outdoor Learning space.

Last Friday, Year One held their very own Year Group assembly in the hall and were surprised by a visit from Ms Andrews who delivered a mysterious brown suitcase that had been left in the office over the summer holidays!  We wanted to know who the suitcase belonged to and thought about how we could find out.  We all agreed that the best way would be to open the suitcase and see what clues were inside.  We discovered a range of objects inside including a blue sari, a statue of Goddess Laxmi, incense sticks, jewellery and an Indian newspaper.  These clues helped us come to the conclusion that the suitcase had come from India.  Earlier this week, we received a letter from Grandpa Jivan who explained that he was in the UK visiting family and asked us if we could look after his suitcase for a while.  He also asked us to learn lots of facts about India.  So, our learning journey has just begun and we are so excited to learn about India and all its treasures!

In Maths, Year One have been using positional language and ordinal numbers.  We have also started to count numbers to ten and have estimated numbers as well as recognised number patterns.  We enjoyed playing ‘dotsie’ with dice and learning how to use a ten frame.

In Phonics, we have learned that a ‘digraph’ is one sound made by two letters. We have been looking at the double consonants ll, ff, ss and zz which only appear at the end of short words with short vowel sounds, such as ‘full’, ‘puff’, ‘mess’ and ‘buzz’.

Mrs Satariano