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This week in Year 1…

This week, Year 1 have continued to learn lots of new facts about India.  We have watched short information films and have re-read ‘Elephant Dance’ to discover new facts about India.  We learned that there are many wild animals that live in India like camels and snakes.  We also learned that cows are considered holy animals and are free to roam the streets!  We have also found out that there are coconut trees and mango trees in India.

We have learned what an adjective is and found adjectives to describe the sun and the tiger in ‘Elephant Dance’.  We then wrote descriptive sentences using our new vocabulary.

We have also begun to paint our tiger faces and some of us chose to use pieces of cardboard to print the tiger’s whiskers.

In Maths, Year 1 have been counting on and back up to 10.  We have been comparing and ordering numbers and have been finding one more and one less.

In Phonics, we have continued learning new digraphs: sh (ship), ch (chop), unvoiced th (moth) and voiced th (this).

Mrs Satariano